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The Holistique program is aptly named. A complete and holistic guide to fitness. I had the opportunity to attend one of the sessions and was very impressed. The whole program was so well structured, and customised according to each person attending. That's what made it so unique, a program created especially for 'you', keeping in mind each persons needs and lifestyle. Along with pre-workout and post-workout tips, the facilitator, Dr. Anuja Luniya explained every aspect of the routine. We ended the session with a pranayam session that left each person so relaxed and rejuvenated.

Tarana Thakurdas, Child Educator

Just like any other person working on her fitness level..My knowledge and efforts were only confined to the workouts that I do..As I got introduced to Holistique; I realised that workouts are one of the pillars of your overall fitness and that mental fitness is equally important for one's well-being. It has made me take conscious efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle while curbing the stress level. The journal becomes your guide as well as watch to ensure that you eat healthy and stay happy. The workouts sessions are very interesting with a novelty factor to each one of them. Once you commit yourself to Holistique..It becomes an art of living which keeps you positive and happy.

Rini Roy, Human Resources

The Holistique workout is a 1 and 1/2 hour uniquely enjoyable experience! The activity seems like a mix of Dance, Pilates and some cool Yoga balance all mimicking some or another animal thus making it Holistique! The concept feels very novel and invigorating. The workout is co-ordinated in a small group like a choreographed dance. This choreography keeps the mind & body gracefully occupied and hence time flies. The moves are deceptively simple though and post workout you realise that every muscle is happily sore. I would recommend this workout only to slightly active individuals and not complete novices as the moves seem to need some agility and a modicum of body consciousness. Overall it's a very out-of-the-box workout system and very enjoyable!

Sonal Diwekar, MeeTime Holidays

I found the holistique workout to be something different, fun and graceful (it all flows into movements). At the same time took care of balance (controlled movements), strength conditioning (isometric holds of each movement) and cardio/ high intensity when done as fast paced movements in the end. All in all it's a good full body workout and I would recommend it to all my friends.

Kinjal Mehta, Group Fitness Instructor

I've joined Holistique since 2 weeks and find it completely different from other normal workouts and very effective also. After every session I feel fresh and energetic for the entire day. Internally it makes me feel good. You start loving yourself even more after the Holistique experiencing. Overall I feel confident that now I will achieve all my goals. Thanks to Dr. Anuja Luniya for introducing this program. I will definitely recommend Holistique to all my friends and relatives

Nisha Pande, Event Planner

Anjul's- The Lifestyle Club is very unique as it is able to provide customized fitness programs. It caters to all age groups. It has got variety of programs. Atmosphere in the fitness club is highly encouraging. Everyday program chart is different and delivered systematically. Inputs to improve form, stamina and dietary changes are provided. Overall, if you are interested in an individualistic approach, I recommend you to join Anjul's-The Lifestyle Club! Kudos to Anuja and Anjana Madam!!

Meghana Deshpande